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Monday, February 8, 2010

All My Books 1.5


All My Books - A program for your home library.

Main features of All My Books:
- Fast download book information from various online libraries, including a plot
summary, reviews and cover image
- Visual representation of the library using different templates (editable using
- A large number of standard fields in the card book (author, title, ISBN, genre, publisher, cover, number of pages, circulation, location, rating, etc.)
- Support for custom fields - an unlimited number of text and additional logical fields
- Expanding the functionality and add new online source for import of books
through third-party plugins
- Statistical information on the collection of books (genres statistics, binding,
authors, etc.)
- The user interface supports Skins (themes, styles)
- Exports of digital libraries in multiple formats - text, HTML, CHM, XLS
(Microsoft Excel), export to mobile device
- Import the existing list of books from text format or MS Excel
- Quick search for the right books on specific criteria. Search is performed on
all standard and custom fields
- The protection of databases of books password
- Easy to use manager given books - you will never forget when and to whom you gave the book
- Storing an unlimited number of additional graphic information for each book in our database
- Support for e-books - you can save a link to a file in the card book and open the book directly from the All My Books.

What's new:
- Added: purification of a button movie
- Added: Field Editor, Translator, volume number, size of file (for the ebook and audiobooks)
- Added: support for LIT E-book format
- Added: support for MOBI E-book format
- Added: Sorting of persons named in the Handbook of persons
- Fixed: import of books from google
- Fixed: bug in search of books on the disk.

7.67 MB

Unpack / Install
Replace program.exe With the One Provided for Registration.
BLOCK IT from internet access(remove from start-up list)
Launch Application
Uncheck auto-updates



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